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The only program for critical thinking, research and writing skills for the IB Diploma. 

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The program is designed to develop the foundational skills for the IBDP: critical thinking, research, writing and self-management skills. 

Research Toolbox

Get access to our custom research tool for the IB Diploma. 
Keep using it throughout your IB program for the EE and IAs.

Skills Reports

A pre- and post- ATL skills report for each student, benchmarked to IB students worldwide. Plan your curriculum, evidence in IB reviews. 

Set them up for success

A 20-hour program, delivered using a blended learning method.

Modular - designed to fit around your timetable.

Handled end-to-end.

Program Overview

Critical Thinking
  • Decoding arguments
  • Spotting logical fallacies
  • Drawing inferences
  • Source evaluation - bias, credibility, triangulation
  • Synthesizing multiple sources to form an opinion 
  • Building a coherent argument
  • Framing a focused research question
  • Search strategies 
  • Primary research: variables and controls
  • Sampling techniques 
  • Designing a survey 
  • Logging sources 
  • Academic honesty and citations 
    • Structuring essays for different disciplines
    • Varying tone and style for different disciplines
    • The stages of pre-writing
    • Using connector words to build coherence between paragraphs

    Self Management
    • Note-taking techniques
    • Time management in the IB Diploma
    • Managing stress
    • Planning and prioritisation

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    Logical Fallacies

    An interactive module to help students identify and spot a wide range of fallacies. The approach is jargon-free, fun and engaging!

    Research Question Jeopardy

    See how research questions can be fun! 

    This engaging game of Jeopardy helps students better understand how to formulate a focused research question. 

    Research Tool

    Every EE supervisor's dream - this nifty browser tool lets students organize, evaluate and synthesize sources easily. 

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    COVID-19 Support

    Meaningfully engage your students in the lead up to the IB Diploma. Get in touch to know more about special support for COVID-19 affected schools.