The Extended Essay

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A step by step roadmap, with upskilling toolkits to reduce stress and raise achievement in the Extended Essay

Reduced stress

with a clear roadmap, bite-sized tasks, and discipline-specific guidance at each stage for students.

Research Toolkit

made easy, with upskilling toolkits, guided source evaluation and a nifty browser tool.

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tailored guidance for the students, when they want it.

Help students easily document, tag and organize their research using the nifty

Callido Research Tool

Add sources with a single click, live evaluation of sources, analyze the relevance of the source to their essay, map arguments from different sources and much more..

The Extended Essay Companion Details

Stage 1

Framing a Research Question

Starting with a brainstorm of many ideas, students learn the process of choosing a topic area and formulating an initial research question. 

Through guided preliminary reading, they further refine their RQ by assessing it for scope, relevance, feasibility, and subject context.

Stage 2

Research Methodology

A guided process of identifying components in the RQ which need background research by asking close-ended relevant questions, learning how to evaluate sources and research using research tool for ongoing source evaluation.

Stage 3

Structure and Skeletal Outline

Students will enable themselves to structure their arguments based on how they will order them in their extended essay and add arguments in each section (introduction, body, and conclusion) based on a checklist.

Stage 4

Writing and Citation

A step by step guide to understand and avoid fallacies in the essay, determine the tone and language, cite sources and finally create the first draft using a checklist.

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Framing a Research Question

Research Methodology

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