Virtual Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for CAS!

CAS should be fun, enriching, and make a positive difference to the student and the community around them. 

Presenting a solution for just that from former IB students. 

Online CAS - Social Entrepreneurship Callido

A 10-hour live-facilitated interactive program that contributes to students' CAS Experiences while directly providing opportunities to develop the attributes of the IB learner profile through social entrepreneurship.

Collaborative Group Projects

Students will collaboratively develop social enterprises in areas of their personal interest and 'pitch' their social enterprise at the end of the 10-day program.  Shark-Tank style. 

Team up with friends or make new ones from across the world. 

Develop New Skills

Get insights into how the world of large organizations works. 

Develop the skills for building enterprise strategy, innovative business models, and sustainable value chains through real-world case studies.

Live Sessions

Achieve key CAS learning outcomes through live, interactive, and FUN small-group sessions with individual attention from faculty. 10 hours over 10 days.

Choose from multiple time slots that best suit your schedule.

Innovations from our Alumni

Adopting it at your school

  • A 10-hour program with live facilitation in a Project-Based method
  • Modular - designed to fit around your timetable
  • Handled end-to-end by our team 
  • Topics covered Strategy, Value Proposition Canvas, Sustainable Business Models, Innovation, Key Relationships, Business-Market Positioning
  • Achievements - Ivy League Faculty Certificate and a real-world business idea to work on!
  • Exclusive batches - for your school or join an existing batch 

Collaborate with peers globally

Certificate for College Admissions

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